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Kalolwala & Associates is a company that specializes in corporate communication and hence, we cater to some of the renowned industry giants. This has helped us create a name for ourselves as the fastest-growing company that specializes in communication services. We are based out of Kolkata but we have offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad and are strategic communication partners to 175+ companies nationwide.

Our new and unique approach towards corporate communication & digital solutions has led us to create engaging and informative communication collaterals for consumers as well as stakeholders. While we specialize in corporate communications, we are certainly not confined to it. Our expertise spans many industries and fields such as business analysis, SEO, SEM among others. We have a portfolio featuring sustainability reports, annual reports, brochures, and digital solutions among other services.

We at K&A are committed to developing creative solutions and strategies that will help you maintain an even footing in the ever-changing world of corporate communication.

As one of the leading corporate communication specialists, we are particular about our core pillars of communication. We thoroughly listen to our clients and understand their needs, collaborate with experts, and build effective means of communication that make an impact.

Our extensive work with the industry stalwarts has enabled us to sharpen our skills. This has enabled us to come up with creative and unique solutions that the entire industry has seen to date. We strive for greatness and believe that great work is all about setting precedence for excellence that is truly outstanding.

Our team of experts consists of business analysts, writers, designers, account managers, and digital experts that work together to ensure that you get the best solution for your business. If this doesn’t satisfy your needs then you are free to consult your business ideas with us till you are satisfied.

Kalolwala &

Corporate Communication Specialist

As the corporate communication consultant to some of the renowned industry behemoths in India, K&A has created a remarkable space for itself as one of the fastest growing names in the industry with presence across digital and print communication. We operate out of Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi, & have been the strategic communication partners to 175+ clients nationwide.

We believe in bringing a new approach to corporate communication & digital solutions which has led to us creating truly engaging, information rich and creative communication collaterals for stakeholders as well as consumers. Our portfolio features Annual Reports, Integrated Reports and Sustainability Reports, user-friendly website designs, brochures, coffee table books, digital solutions, newsletters and corporate presentations. Our expertise spans across various fields and industries, which makes us a reliable and competent communication partner.

Ever Evolving Communication
K&A is committed to developing new age strategies and creative solutions that help you keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape of corporate communication!


As a corporate communication consultant, we are particular about the core pillars of great communication, which are listening to what our clients need, collaborating with the best experts and building communication that makes an impact (and brings in great results!).

For us, great work is all about setting a precedence of excellence that’s truly outstanding. Our extensive working experience with the biggest names across various industries has further honed our capabilities of creating some of the best work the industry has seen till date!


Every Company has assets, resources and technology, but our true differentiators are our people. They travel the extra mile to fuel our progress and we empower them to do more and achieve higher goals, both personally and professionally. K&A is powered by a confluence of skilled designers, writers, editors, marketing professionals and digital aficionados who bring their collective experience and expertise to the table to offer our esteemed clients what is truly extraordinary in corporate communications.

Hussain Kalolwala

Director & CEO , Founder


Jumana Vadnagarwala


B.Com (H), EPBCL IIM Calcutta


Yatha Lakhtaria

Manager - Research

MBA (Energy and Environment)

Rajath Bhandarkar

Manager - Research

MBA (Energy and Environment)

Padmeja Ganjoo

Manager - Research

MBA (Energy and Environment)

Vrishaali Vyas

Team Lead - Research

MBA (Energy and Environment)

Collectively manage team of




Rajat Chakroborty

Vice President - Editorial

Masters (Personnel Management & Industrial Relations)

Shabnam Mondal

Assistant Vice President - Editorial

Masters (Mass Communication)

Collectively manage team of



Project Management

Subhojit Dasgupta

Manager - Project Management

MBA (Marketing)

Shaun Ward

Executive - Client relations and Operations

Bachelor of Arts

Collectively manage team of




Pankaj Kumar Lal

President - Design

Pankaj Vishwakarma

President - Print Production

Kaushik Ghosh

Assistant Vice President - Design

Collectively manage team of




Amit Kumar Lal

Vice President - Print Production

Sintu Das

Assistant Vice President - Print Production

Collectively manage team of




Jeetu Bishwakarma

Senior - Animator

Heads a team of