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Kalolwala & Associates is one of the best corporate communications Company in India

We are one of the top corporate communications consultants in India. Our branches are in Kolkata and Mumbai. We have helped some of the biggest and known companies of India by providing them with corporate communications service.

Kalolwala & associates Pvt. Limited came into being in the year 2015. Since then we have been serving companies by prioritizing effective communications. We do this by creating a corporate communication framework that resonates with stakeholders and customers alike and so far we have been able to satisfy the needs of our customers by sticking to principles of clarity, communication, consistency, and creativity. Our clientele is quite diverse as we tend to work with everyone i.e. industry giants and up and comers. So if you are looking for corporate communication services, you know whom to call.

We’re taking the idea of ‘what is possible’ in Corporate Communication to the next level.

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To industry stalwarts and disruptors alike.

Kalolwala & Associates Pvt. Limited (K&A) is a corporate communication consultant to some of India’s biggest existing brands as well as upcoming new age innovators. We prioritise effective communication; be it in terms of engaging with stakeholders or branding that resonates with customers. Clarity, consistency, creativity and communication are the pillars of our entity, through which we create unforgettable brand experiences, enable rich client relationships and pave the way for future forward corporate communication innovations!

Rewriting the Norms of Corporate Communication.

We’re building a new narrative by placing expertise at the forefront of everything we have to offer. Right from keeping ourselves abreast with global industry and design trends, developing up-to-date domain knowledge to keeping pace with the ever-evolving arenas of content creation, we commit to everything it takes to do justice to the brands that we work with.

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A Decade of Corporate Communication Expertise

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Hussain Kalolwala

Founder & CEO

A corporate strategy today needs to be ‘inclusive and sustainable’ rather than just crafted for achieving financial milestones
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